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Thursday 9 April 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Despite conventional, neoliberal narratives tarnishing it constantly with a controversial brush, anarchism has been among the most daring, imaginative political currents of the modern age, from the Paris Commune of 1871 to the Occupy movement of 2011–12. This article compellingly explores one of the founding relationships of this political theory, between anarchism and care.
Nico Marzano


Remarkably, the experimental company have made full-length production videos from over 20 years of theatre-making available online – among them seminal works such as Good Samaritan and Ode to the Man Who Kneels. Existential questioning and problematic characters are landmarks of Richard Maxwell’s celebrated practice, and his plays often set small groups of actors within contained architectures.
       For Maxwell’s most recent production QUEENS ROW, commissioned by the ICA in 2018, the director initiated a series of physical changes to our theatre space that continue to enhance our productions. Writing for the New York Times, Ben Brantly identifies Maxwell as ‘the least hysterical of doomsday prophets’, and in a review of the play during its recent run at The Kitchen he writes: ‘Ultimately, QUEENS ROW is a testament to the forms of faith – from the eloquently religious to the more inchoate and instinctive – that allow human beings to endure amid unspeakable loss and privation’.
Rosalie Doubal
Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett have released ‘Whispering Pines 10’, the tenth part of Moulton’s long-term video project Whispering Pines (2002 – ongoing). Read about their collaboration in this interview, and view the project through this new dedicated website.
Steven Cairns

Our friends at Kino Süd have made some of Klara Lidén’s video works available online. Her work Grounding (2018) traces a walk from the Wall Street Subway station along corporate piazzas as well as Zuccotti Park in one continuous take. Liden’s theatrical falls, largely unnoticed by the passers-by, are charged with the travesty that structures public space today – which is anything but grounding.
Stefan Kalmár


Artist and musician Klein organised an isolation reading of Romeo and Juliet. The live reading premiered at midnight on Tuesday and starred Nellie Owusu, Klein, Embaci, Josiane Pozi, James Massiah, Diamond Stingily, Tali Au Miel, Aeja Monet, Trevor Skeet Vivian Oprahs and Eric Sings, with Cynthia Igbokwe as audience member. It’s become my new favourite rendition of the text and I would recommend listening to it with headphones at night.
Sara Sassanelli

As many of us are currently confined at home in many places of the world, and while we keep in our minds and in our hearts those who have no choice but to be at risk from the ongoing worldwide pandemic, because they’re doctors, nurses, cashiers, workers, homeless, incarcerated, or in any other precarious situation, we wanted to provide you with a daily podcast to use this time to reflect and organizing without talking about the pandemic itself.
After spending several days consuming an excess of information and content related to or inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, finding this podcast has been a breath of fresh air. In each episode, host Leopold Lambert invites a different guest to respond to the same question: ‘What is for you a moment of true decolonization?’ Answers range from historical events – in episode 1, Haitian-born, French Afrofeminist organiser and writer Fania Noël discusses the Haitian Declaration of Independence, which was proclaimed on 1 January 1804 – to something they have personally experienced.
Nydia Swaby

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Production shot, Richard Maxwell’s QUEENS ROW, commissioned by the ICA in 2018.