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Thursday 3 December 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022


Hannah Black: Go Outside
Hannah Black shares her memories and thoughts on the summer riots in New York in this short text for Artforum’s Year in Review. It made me realise what I love about the city, why I missed it over the past nine months, and why I love Hannah‘s writing and work.


John Halas and Roger Mainwood: Autobahn
This 1979 animation by John Halas and Roger Mainwood, set to Kraftwerk’s Autobahn, is equal parts odd and sublime: an alien takes an epic trip through a psychedelic landscape of animated curiosities.


The 87 Press: Renegade Readings
Founded in 2018, the 87 press publish experimental writing and host poetry readings featuring Dhanveer Singh Brar, Caspar Heinemann and Ed Luker, amongst others. On 17 December at 7pm GMT, they celebrate two years of work with a Zoom event featuring Bhanu Kapil, Nisha Ramayya, James Goodwin, Calliope Michail, Sophie Seita, Kashif Sharma-Patel and Mandeep Johal.


Libretto from After

Constructed in the form of an alphabetical journal, this accompaniment to the exhibition After, curated by Franco-American artist and filmmaker Éric Baudelaire at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2017, explores notions of duration as we move through increasingly tense social realities across the world.

‘This journal is the score of the project. It is organised, like the exhibition, around an incomplete, arbitrary and intuitive list of words and corresponding letters: A for Architecture, C for Commemoration, H for Hypnosis, R for Reckoning, T for running out of Time (…) The urgency evoked here has settled in, we will face its duration. The certainties that allowed me, before, to envision a brighter horizon have deteriorated along the way. The solutions proposed today are usually driven by haste and short-term considerations. So we must rethink duration. We must seek, within the history of art, critical forms and ideas. Time is pressing to consider time differently.’

Un Film Dramatique is part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION, available to stream for seven days from Sunday 6 December at 6:15pm GMT.

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