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Thursday 26 March 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Laura Citarella, El Pampero Cine: Dog Lady
Dog Lady is a contemplative work chronicling the life of a woman who decides to lead an isolated existence on the outskirts of Buenos Aires with her loyal pack of stray dogs. A powerful film shot by an all-female crew and featuring Verónica Llinás’ memorable performance. The ICA presented Dog Lady in 2016.
Nico Marzano

BFI National Archive: A World is Turning (1948)
Six-reel rushes from an unfinished documentary aimed at highlighting ‘the contribution of black men and women to British society at a time when they were struggling for visibility on our screens’. My favorite scenes are of Adelaide Hall singing at London’s Nightingale Club and an unnamed man and woman performing what I imagine to be a traditional West African dance.
Nydia Swaby


Dr Charlotte Cooper: Virus Labour: how COVID-19 is fucking with our heads
A piece by Dr Charlotte Cooper, a psychotherapist, sociologist and autoethnographer on her current observations of the effects of COVID-19.
Sara Sassanelli

Carolyn Lazard: The World is Unknown
A personal account of sickness, US artist Carolyn Lazard’s ground-breaking 2013 essay How to be a Person in the Age of Autoimmunity created space in the art world for truthful discussions on health. Much of their work is available at carolynlazard.com and here we share the artist’s 2019 essay on the pursuit of alternative modes of care.
Rosalie Doubal

Mike Davis on Coronavirus: ‘In a Plague Year’
Here, the iconic American author and urban theorist behind City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles (1990) and Planet of Slums (2006) argues for an international public health infrastructure.
Stefan Kalmár


Olia Lialina: My Boyfriend Came Back from the War
This is Olia Lialina’s HTML net art classic My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (1996). Through the web browser, Lialina tells the interactive story of a woman’s reunion with her estranged boyfriend. Mysterious and haunting.
Steven Cairns

Track of the Day

‘When the rain is blowing in your face 
And the whole world is on your case 
I could offer a warm embrace 
To make you feel my love…’

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Image by Seth Price, 2020