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Sunday 3 May 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts


In a rare, historic moment, on 7 March 2020 Mr Godard gave an interview from his home in Rolle at Lake Geneva to Lionel Baier of ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne. For those who don’t speak French, this interview has now been translated into English. Say no more.
Stefan Kalmár

Available via Mark Leckey’s YouTube channel, Ghosted Version of Fiorucci. 20 Years Later (1999) was created by Leckey to mark 20 years since his seminal work was made and subsequently shown at the ICA. This work, already tied to memory, is pushed even further here as its picture and sound are absorbed in years of data degradation.
Steven Cairns

Today I want to remember one of the masters of world cinema and the filmmaker who changed my personal approach to cinema and filmmaking forever: Krzysztof Kieślowski. Program Obowiązkow (‘Compulsory Program’) is a weekly in-depth interview series about Polish cinema. In this episode, they talk to Kieślowski’s collaborators and those who gravitated into his artistic and personal world. In 2014, the ICA presented a retrospective to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Decalogue.
Nico Marzano


Parrhesiades is the culmination of a multi-platform project featuring six works from artists for whom language is an essential part of their practice, including Quinn Latimer, Sung Tieu, Jesper List Thomsen, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Johanna Hedva, Eva Gold and Cally Spooner. Independent curator Lynton Talbot has kindly provided this download link to the full publication which reinforces the resistant politics found in poetry and, as Talbot states, ‘understands language in its temporal and ephemeral nature as always already political.’
Sara Sassanelli


Here, the author discusses his drag ball novel This Brutal House (2019), exploring protest, chosen families and alternative support systems. Revisiting this brilliant book, I was struck by the lines: ‘The ability to sit quietly in your home should be as revered as a walk to slay all runway walks. It is as refined; as considered, but carries greater weight.’
Rosalie Doubal

Alice Smith’s interpretation of a song Nina Simone made famous (it was originally written and recorded by Jay Hawkins) is a haunting, heartfelt interpretation that gives new meaning to the title. Smith performed this version at El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles in October 2019.
Nydia Swaby

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Jean-Luc Godard on ECAL’s Instagram, March 2020