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Sunday 10 May 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Sometimes timing is everything, and Matt Wolf’s new film Spaceship Earth could not have been released at a more apt moment. It is 1991, and eight people are spending two years quarantined inside BIOSPHERE 2, a large Buckminster-Fullerish complex just outside Tuscon, Arizona, that attempts to recreate the earth’s ecosystem. What could possibly go wrong?
Stefan Kalmár


Lizzie O’Shea’s Future Histories is free to download as an ebook from Verso this week. In it she traces the histories of the recent past, how they might influence our digital futures and how we might shape them. Download here (select ebook for free) or buy the paperback.
Steven Cairns

In this interview Lisa Appignanesi offers a comfortingly honest account of grief and anger following the loss of her partner. She describes mourning as a state of ‘everyday madness’, in which superstitions are heightened and inner preoccupations can cause moments of absence. Lisa was Director of Talks at the ICA from 1980 – 1986, and Deputy Director until 1990.
Rosalie Doubal


A few years ago I attended the first Decolonise Fest, a DIY festival organized by Diaspora Punx. This year’s festival is postponed, but they’ve curated a night of music as part of Finding Power, a season of online programs presented by Free Word. Hosted by Jon Bellebono, Decolonise Power will feature performances by Steph Phillips, Nadia Javed, No Home and Ms. Mohammed.
Nydia A. Swaby


302_Redirect is a four-week online festival with over 50 moving-image makers responding to current conditions. The works explore instruction, critique, reverie and narrative through four YouTube playlists: ‘& inevitable embedding within’, ‘An uncertain-rapid-crumbling’, ‘Casting shadows on virtual walls’, and ‘Meandering through cosmic realms.
Sara Sassanelli

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Still from Matt Wolf’s Spaceship Earth