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Saturday 9 May 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022

Today we are pleased that CHRISTEENE has taken over the ICA Daily, giving our curatorial team a break. Two years ago CHRISTEENE performed a specially-conceived sell-out show at the ICA. The same year I was supposed to join her on stage at Berlin’s Berghain main room, but managed to get out of that one. Last year she brought her filth to the Barbican’s grand concert hall. CHRISTEENE describes herself as ‘a human pissoir of raw unabashed sexuality; a gender-blending, booty-pounding, perversion of punk fully equipped with an arsenal of ferocious music intertwined with raw moments of strained intimacy and fiery stank’. In short, the perfect fit for the morbid and débile times we are living through.
Stefan Kalmár


Alissa Bennett writes incroyable Zines full uh short stories written in her own voice dat are shockingly devastatin in their subject an full of so much stank azz humor an sour insight dat i am mouth open toes curled in deelight when i tear into them. diz iz a saga of uh story Alissa wrote about Barbara Hutton dat i think paints da perfect picture of wtf most of our world is bein run by an headed toward right now which iz MONSTROUS FUKKIN WRETCHED RICH PEEPLE.

diz iz uh documentary feature film made by mah lifelong collaborator PJ Raval (who makes da CHRISTEENE music videos) called BEFORE YOU KNOW IT dat he has kindly shared wit us ferr freeee. in diz fukkd wurld where our elders are dying of COVID in nursing homes due to criminal negligence frum incompetent white men in power i feel it is important too celebrate our LGBTQ+ elders an give dem da fukkin props an respect an LIFE dey deserve.

ive known famed painter Iva Gueorguieva ferr close too 20 sumthin yearz now an her artwurk has challenged mah wayz of internalizing diz mad wurld around us as well as mah perception of whut stories true art can tell. Iva presents abstract raw intensity fueled by deep channels of feral sexuality an woes an wises frum her homeland of Bulgaria dat forever freeze mah feelings of what this wurld iz handin to us on uh fat shit plate.

Peter Stopschinski iz uh composer dat has his hands in so many fukkin creative pies i dunno how he dont burn da whole fukkin world down. Aside frum his work as uh composer he iz also da producer of da CHRISTEENE album BASURA an is consistently bombarding diz world with sounds an da images like diz warped video recently made in COVID times dat seriously crept up on mee like a knife in da back frum Michael Myers an made me feel da darkness in deez tryin times.

Diz video iz called DEVENIR TORVINADO made by mah friend artist an activist ELYLA who fled Nicaragua for their LGBTQ+ security due too da deteriorating conditions of that country. ELYLA iz member and founder of da Operación Queer collective formed by Nicaraguan academics, artists and activists in order to create trans-feminist and de-colonial reflections in the Central America region and is currently an Artist Protection Fund Fellow by Institute of International Education (IIE) in residence at Bucknell University, supported by the Ekard Artist Residency.

in mah rona-solitude i made diz track it keeps mee happy cuz it has da beautiful voices of da two fat ladies cookin too lull mee an keeep me safe. u can also propose questionz to them about da wurld like uh 8 ball thingy an dey will provide thoughtful answerz ... mostly

Track of the Day

Diz iz a song dat hits an cuts right tooo da quick an one dat i feel gives da heat an energy needed too deal with diz most redlight warzone shitphone stayhome listen too da wisecrone thymes we are in



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CHRISTEENE photographed by Michael Sharkey