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Saturday 6 June
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?
Download this free Ebook of essays written by US activists, organisers and state violence survivors. The collection both testifies to and analyses police violence against Black, Brown, Indigenous and other marginalised communities.

Audre Lorde: Dream of Europe
Amsterdam’s art centre De Appel is releasing PDF sections of a forthcoming book dedicated to the work of Audre Lorde, Dream of Europe: selected seminars and interviews: 1984 – 1992, to be published by Kenning Editions. It features interviews with Lorde conducted while living and working in Berlin, as well as a selection of her poetry.


Muhammad Ali on TV
Muhammad Ali was not only a supreme athlete – an uncanny blend of power, improvisation and velocity – but also a courageous exemplar and symbol of racial pride. In this hilarious clip from 1971, he talks about his perception of racial issues as a kid chatting to his mother.

Jackie Wang: Carceral Temporalities and the Politics of Dreaming
This talk (which begins 13 minutes in) is an analysis of the weaponisation of temporal punishment as an instrument of social control, and the rhythm and tempo set by living in a debt economy. It concludes with a meditation on the relationship between temporality and poetry, suggesting that rhythm in poetry is a time-keeper of revolution.

Track of the Day

Sigur Rós: Illgresi (2008)

Þú sefur alveg til hádegis
Þú deyrð en lifnar við
Laufblöðin breyta um lit

Þú finnur til - ferð á fætur
Íklæddur regnkápu – þú heldur út í skammdegið

Þú rífur úr hjartarætur sem þú treður á
Með hendur í vösum, með nóg kominn
Í votu grasinu geng þangað til

Það skín á mig í gegnum trjágreinar
Lít upp og lifna við – laufblöðin breyta um lit

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