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Saturday 4 April 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Writer and academic Bettina Funcke makes fully accessible hers, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev’s and Chus Martínez’s dOCUMENTA (13) project 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts, a collection of beautiful mini booklets: A note is a trace, a word, a drawing that all of a sudden becomes part of thinking, and is transformed into an idea. One of my favourites remains Etel Adnan: The Cost of Love We Are Not Willing to Pay, or Bettina’s suggestion: Song Dong: Doing Nothing.
Stefan Kalmár

Umberto Saba: Six Poems
One of the greatest and most troubled authors of Italian modern literature and poetry, Umberto Saba (1883 – 1957) was born in the city of Trieste, where he continued to live for most of his life. The child of a broken family, he lived part of his life in great poverty moving around Italy in hope of improving his fortunes. Il Canzoniere, his most successful collection of poems, was published in 1921 and became something he would continue adding to for the rest of his life. Saba suffered from depression, which had plagued him all his life, as well as opium addiction.
       Here is a collection of wonderful poems (in Italian first, then translated into English). The first three are paralysing in their painful beauty: Ulysses, Love and The Broken Pane.
Nico Marzano


The Lockdown is a live stream series created as a response to a time of crisis. Hosted by INFERNO’s Lewis G. Burton, He.She.They resident Wax Wings, Boudica founder Samantha Togni and artist Karl Murphy, the four artists create an audio visual journey from their front room. The second edition features DJ sets from Lewis G. Burton, Samantha Togni and Wax Wings, as well as a video installation from Karl Murphy and a performance from Burton.
       It’ll take place from 8pm BST tonight and can be accessed from the ICA Facebook page and on the featured artists’ pages.
Sara Sassanelli


Titans Naomi Klein, Astra Taylor and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor strategise on how we can come together to start to counter the greed endemic to social and economic organising powers across the globe. An epic 14,000 tuned in for the live stream of Part I, and Part II airs next Tuesday.
Rosalie Doubal

Watch one of my favourites Liquid Sky (1982) on Boiler Room 4:3 – Aliens land in downtown New York, wreaking havoc on the new wave fashion and music scene.
Steven Cairns


I recommend listening to every one of the archived episodes of Leyla Pillai’s excellent NTS show Who’s That Girl. But the special episode with Cosey Fanni Tutti is a real treat, with excerpts from Pillai’s conversations with Cosey interspersed with tracks from her phenomenal back catalogue of music.
Richard Birkett

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