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Saturday 25 April 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Rasheeda Phillips of Black Quantum Futurism will host an online workshop applying Afrofuturist visioning tools to imagine housing futures, considering the opportunities for disrupting temporal and spatial displacement for vulnerable people in their communities. Archives of BQF’s Temporal Deprogramming at the ICA can be found here.
Stefan Kalmár

MayDay Rooms launches Pandemic Notes, an ongoing record of experiences and responses to Covid-19, inviting written and audio contributions to its ever-expanding archive. By capturing our individual responses, MayDay Rooms hope to inform future organisations by preserving a collective memory of current events.
Steven Cairns


Marasa is a project exploring the possibilities of sound and radio run by Sandra Jean Pierre and Jessica Saxby. I’m particularly interested in their experimental storytelling methodology through affective sound design, poetry and music. So far they have created five tapes including Kelman Duran on his album Tabitha, Tabita Rezaire on decolonial healing and the only known recorded speech given by Franz Fanon in 1956. I suggest listening to all five.
Sara Sassanelli


The Scottish-Barbadian artist has reworked her new film for Glasgow International to incorporate elements that highlight the role of immigrants in the NHS. Postponed to next year, GI’s digital programme presents a great collection of commissioned artists’ films and audio works.
Rosalie Doubal


Natalie Diaz is a poet and postcolonial theorist; she is Mojave and a member of the Gila River Indian Community, Arizona. Her works often portray the struggles of Native American communities with a profound focus on the connection between spirituality and political resistance. Through this poem, we can experience how she embraces notions of discontinuity, trauma and reclaiming.
Nico Marzano


At this time of year, I usually spend my weekends visiting one of South London’s many parks and commons. I’m also a fan of Kew Gardens, especially the Arboretum, the Palm House and the Kitchen Garden. I was excited to discover that we can still roam the gardens at Wakehurst and Kew, albeit virtually.
Nydia Swaby

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