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Saturday 2 May 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
June 2023


I keep checking this every day as poet CAConrad reflects and writes on their Instagram in ‘Corona Daze’ posts.
Sara Sassanelli


NTS’s 24-hour ‘Remote Utopias’ radio takeover started today at 9am BST and features a packed cross-genre roster of musicians, DJs, artists and filmmakers on audio and video live streams. Look out for Dean Blunt, John T. Gast and a performance from Klein – all fundraising for The Global FoodBanking Network.
Steven Cairns


This short artist’s film features testimonies from three people in positions of care – a sleep neurologist, a psychotherapist, and a deep-sea rescue diver. Each considers the limits of their empathy and the point at which they must put their own needs first in their work. In recent years Leah has presented a series of ICA talks, examining how we might reimagine institutions from a ‘crip’ position.
Rosalie Doubal

To skip Darin Strauss’s introduction, go straight to 5:00 min. There is a moment where Ocean talks about ‘stillness’ as the American nightmare; that nothing can ever be just still.
Stefan Kalmár

This documentary tells the story of Les Ballets Nègres (1946 – 1953), an all-Black dance company founded by Berto Pasuka, a queer Jamaican dancer, choreographer, director, writer, performer and painter. Blending archival photographs and video footage, the film recounts the company’s short history, concluding with a contemporary performance of Pasuka’s dance They Came.
Nydia Swaby

The Cinephobe is an extremely well programmed, solidly structured internet-only TV channel that shows an eclectic array of cinema all day, every day. They announce the daily schedule through their Instagram channel, which includes everything from Hollywood classics to more experimental avant-garde filmmakers and Italian post-neorealism cinema.
Nico Marzano

Track of the Day

Arca, who played one of their early concerts at the ICA in 2014, has just released the video for their new single ‘Nonbinary’ from the forthcoming LP KiCK I.

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Still from the music video for ‘Nonbinary’ by Arca, 30 April 2020