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Monday 30 November 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022


View the first of four episodes from curator Anselm Franke’s digital exhibition project Animism on e-flux. In Episode 1, ‘A Report on Migrating Souls in Museums and Moving Pictures’, Franke shares and discusses films and artworks by way of decolonising animism’s European museological contexts, using it instead as an optical tool to make visible the boundaries imposed by colonial discourse.


John Waters’ Top 10 films of 2020
John Waters’ annual pick of films – this year there are actually 11 – for Artforum has become something of a fixture and again he doesn’t disappoint.

Filmmaker Isabel Pagliai on Tender

‘I wanted to transform the location and make it a bit magical. The twilight creates an atmosphere, a colour. It’s a tipping point towards freedom and worry. Additionally, for this romantic relationship to unfold, I felt that it needed an intimacy that only the night brings. When night falls, something loosens and relaxes. Young people are also obsessed by the night, so I wanted to give them access to it through the filming.’

Tender is part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION 2020 and is available to stream for seven days from 5 December, 6pm GMT.

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Tough Matter: Request Line Special
Open Deck is an ongoing project by Ashley Holmes that creates space for collective listening. This iteration has been made in response to Dead Yard, R.I.P. GERMAIN’s recent show at Cubitt Gallery, the first in Languid Hands’ curatorial programme No Real Closure. People were invited to submit music, sound recordings and other responses to the exhibition’s themes, including grief, loss, lament and ritual, which were then assembled into the show.

Track of the Day

Nouvelle Vague: Dance with Me (2006)

Let’s dance little stranger
Show me secret sins
Love can be like bondage
Seduce me once again

Burning like an angel
Who has heaven in reprieve
Burning like the voodoo man
With devils on his sleeve

Won’t you dance with me
In my world of fantasy
Won’t you dance with me
Ritual fertility

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