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Friday 24 April 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022


The possibility (and impossibility) of building and operating within a community is a primary concern underpinning the cinema of Chilean filmmaker and producer Dominga Sotomayor. The ICA recently presented her latest work, Too Late to Die Young, and today I’m sharing Dominga’s beautiful first feature, De Jueves a Domingo (Thursday till Sunday).
Nico Marzano

This remarkable group of artists and scholars gathered online via Danspace Project to converse on the subject of slowness – its textures in relation to politics, theory and artistic practice in this time of distancing. Recent writings by all participants can be found in the resulting e-flux publication from Simone Leigh’s Guggenheim convening Loophole of Retreat.
Rosalie Doubal

Cheryl Dunye: The Watermelon Woman
In honour of the first ever Lesbian Visibility Week, I wanted to share Cheryl Dunye’s ground-breaking, genre-bending film about a young filmmaker trying to find the archive of a fictitious black lesbian actress, which screened at the ICA last year. Often cited as the first feature film directed by a black lesbian, Watermelon Woman fuses narrative and documentary-style filmmaking to explore the exclusion of black queer women from the archives of Hollywood’s golden era.
Nydia Swaby

Here the New Yorker theatre critic Hilton Als gives a short tour of She Who Is: Adrienne Kennedy and the Drama of Difference, a long overdue celebration of the work of the amazing playwright and writer at Artists Space, NY. Adrienne Kennedy is probably best known for Funnyhouse of a Negro and for her combination of autobiographical elements with radical structural experimentation.
Stefan Kalmár


even my dreams don’t go outside is a music and art download-only release curated by AQNB, including work by RUI HO, Kelman Duran, ssaliva and Dasychira amongst many others. I am particularly looking forward to 650mAh’s contribution with Spaghetti Club – a folder adventure that involves puzzling your way through password-locked files to reach the end.
Sara Sassanelli


Originally released in 2013 and now reissued through Bandcamp, John T. Gast’s Submerge is a welcome addition to lockdown playlists. Listen here or buy the digital album, in lieu of the rare out-of-print CD-R.
Steven Cairns

Track of the Day

We both know it’s going to be another long winter
The kind that freezes shut the doors of early spring
But I’ll still let you in
When I hear you knocking, with a whisper
I’ll open the doors and I’ll let you in

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Still from Dominga Sotomayor's De Jueves a Domingo (Thursday till Sunday) (2012)