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Friday 20 November 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
June 2023


Queer Care and Interdependence
Arists Raisa Kabir and Raju Rage examine queer health, trans health and ageing in the context of networks of care, disability justice and alternative frameworks for queer survival.


Grounded Revolutions: Notes to the Future
Curated by volunteers at the Huntley Archives, this programme takes as its starting point essays by Guyanese scholar activist Dr Walter Rodney to generate constructive, intercultural, intergenerational conversations about revolution and well-being in radical times. The first event in the series on Tuesday 24 November explores ‘The Pleasures and Dangers of Reading’ and brings together Dr. Margaret Andrews, Taiwo Ogunyinka, and Lavinya Stennett.

Womxn of Vision
This VHS recording of a discussion held in NYC in 1994 forms part of Alexandra Juhasz’s feminist ‘Womxn of Vision’ documentary and book project, recently digitised and available online, with contributions from film and media makers Cheryl Dunye, Yvonne Rainer, Shu Lea Cheang, Annie Sprinkle, Abigail Child, Su Freidrich, Sarah Schulman, Juanita Mohammed Szczepanski, Shari Frilot and many others.


Kunstmuseum Basel: Circular Flow: On the Global Economy of Inequality
Asking questions such as ‘What ethical, social and political consequences does the ongoing economization of all aspects of life mean for our individual and collective life?’ and ‘To what extent has subjectivity itself become an economic constellation?’ this reader, accompanying the exhibition by the same title at Kunstmuseum Basel in 2019/20, is edited by its departing director Søren Grammel. It brings together essays and contributions by Stephan Lessenich, Colin Crouch, Alice Creischer, Lisa Rave and Hito Steyerl, among others.

Filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk on her Sundance 2020 directing award prize-winner project
‘The Russian-Ukrainian War in Donbas is still going on, but civilians’ lives are going on, too. We have a very cool project in Ukraine known as Yellow Bus: different professional filmmakers arrange cinema camps for children in a war zone. I used to shoot fiction films and control the reality within the frame. I realized that shooting a documentary film portrait means spending as much time as possible with characters. It is necessary to become a part of their lives, to become so familiar and as close to them as possible and spend months together. When you shoot real people and their real lives, real dreams, and fears, you should be very careful. There are many thin lines and questions of ethics around filmmaking. I’m learning to identify them.’

The Earth is Blue as an Orange is part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION 2020 and is available to stream for seven days from 28 November, 7pm.

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LCD Soundsystem: New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (2007)

New York, I love you
But you’re bringing me down

New York, I love you
But you’re bringing me down

Like a rat in a cage
Pulling minimum wage

New York, I love you
But you’re bringing me down

New York, you’re safer
And you’re wasting my time

Our records all show
You are filthy but fine

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