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Friday 17 April 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


A gem to help us unwind – an hour of transportive audio works tonight at 7pm BST and tomorrow at 10am BST. SHELL LIKE specialise in deep listening sessions often held in galleries, and this remote edition features contributions from artists and writers Penny Goring, MIKATSIU, Matilda Tjäder, Leyla Pillai, Madeleine Stack, Alice Channer & Jennifer Boyd, Samira Saidi and Amy Lay-Pettifer.
Rosalie Doubal

Experimental duo Lol K, comprised of CJ Calderwood and Junior XL, released a single from their forthcoming EP The Breeze two days ago, out on Halcyon Veil in the late spring. ‘Oilseed Stone’ features musician Coby Sey with a lyric video by Jenkin Van Zyl. To announce their new EP they recorded a special one-off NTS show, mixing tracks from the new record with music which has influenced it. Lol K and Halcyon Veil will present their full record at the ICA ... at a future date.
Sara Sassanelli


I was so looking forward to attending Imperial Intimacies: A Conference in Honor of Hazel Carby, a two-day convening at The Yale Center for British Art, bringing together some of my favourite contemporary artists, writers and thinkers to reflect on Carby’s contribution to black diaspora, feminist, literary, cultural and postcolonial studies. I’ve just started reading Carby’s recent memoir on slavery, colonialism and migration, and I can’t put it down. While I truly hope the conference will be rescheduled, this book salon at Brown University offering a critical response to the text and featuring panellists Tina Campt, Saidiya Hartman, Brian Meeks, Dixa Ramírez D’Oleo and Deborah Thomas will have to do for now.
Nydia Swaby

Further to last week’s article in the Financial Times, ‘The pandemic is a portal’, Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy speaks to our friends over at Democracy Now of how the Indian Prime Minister Modi ‘has airbrushed the poor out of the imagination.’ Roy asks: ‘Are we going to sleepwalk into this fascist surrealist state?’
Stefan Kalmár

Internationally renowned for the commercially successful, kitsch horror camp film House (1977), Nobuhiko Obayashi dedicated an entire lifetime to cinema. He produced a filmography which, following his recent passing, feels more than ever as varied as it is underexplored. Obayashi was interested in the art of cinema from a very young age. Departing from an experimental, amateur approach to filmmaking, he became increasingly embedded in avant-garde cinema. In interviews, Akira Kurosawa, often encouraged readers to discover Obayashi as an outstanding cineaste, one that is able to capture teenage years like few others. Here, the first example of his ‘idol movies’ School in the Crosshairs (1981).
Nico Marzano


Visit the Feminist Art Coalition to download and read Notes on Feminisms, a new series of commissioned essays. Currently the series includes four PDFs by Jack Halberstam, Saidiya Hartman, Peggy Phelan and Trinh T. Minh-ha, the collection will grow over the course of the project. Halberstam’s ‘Off Manifesto’ is the first in the series and an on-point call of resistance in times of massive change. Two years ago the ICA presented an extensive survey on Minh-ha’s moving image work.
Steven Cairns

Track of the Day

See what the boys in the backroom will have
And tell them I’m having the same
Go see what the boys in the backroom will have
And give them the poison they name

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