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Friday 12 June 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
June 2023


Influx Press’s lockdown audio productions have been stellar, and this short quarantine story from the series ‘One Take Wonders’, curated by Courttia Newland, is no exception. You can also read Influx publisher Kit Caless’s Utopian vision for the next 10 years of publishing.


Sita Balani’s latest article is a brilliant and useful reflection on the pandemic and authoritarianism in the UK. Her essay expands on the instrumentalisation of lies and ignorance, and how to live in defiance of this.


This early experimental short is a precursor to Mati’s recent award-winning feature Atlantics (2019). Streaming as part of We Are One: A Global Film Festival until 14 June, the sombre 15-minute documentary focuses on a Senegalese group of friends and perilous migratory boat crossings.

This energetic, unmissable film about the Black Panthers is gracefully authored by Agnès Varda, who travelled to Oakland following protests over the imprisonment of activist Huey P. Newton to interview Newton himself as well as others involved with the movement. Commissioned by French broadcaster ORTF, it was considered too radical to be shown on TV.

Track of the Day

Dr Shen prescribed me beta-blockers
And recommended taking daily exercise
So I’ve started jogging
To my own great surprise
Hundreds of miles going nowhere

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