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  • The Red Shoes, Dir Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, 1948

    Masters of Colour

    5 Jun 201027 Jun 2010

    From the feverish fantasies of Powell & Pressburger to the pop-artistry of Godard, the ICA celebrates classic filmmakers who took colour on screen to new depths.

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  • Angry Sandwhich People or in a Praise for Dialectic, 2006


    9 Sep 201028 Oct 2010

    With Russian collective Chto delat? as a point of departure, the ICA presents a season of projects on art, activism and social change. 

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  • Tolca Mama, Dir Maayan Rassin, 2010

    UK Jewish Film Festival 2010

    11 Nov 201020 Nov 2010

    Showcasing the best international dramas and documentaries, the fourteenth UK Jewish Film Festival explores Jewish cultures and experiences worldwide.

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  • Play It Again Sam, Dir Herbert Ross, 1972

    BAFTA at the ICA

    12 Jan 20111 Feb 2012

    A weekly series of introduced screenings from BAFTA and the ICA, giving you the chance to learn industry secrets from leading creatives.

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  • Image: Julian House

    Strange Attractor Salon: From Animism to Zos

    10 Mar 201112 May 2011

    As part of the Nathaniel Mellors: Ourhouse exhibition, Nathaniel Mellors and Strange Attractor Journal editor Mark Pilkington organise weekly talks and film screenings, exploring some lesser-known intersections of culture, history, mind and nature.

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  • Time Flies - The Heavenly Spheres, Dir. Yuki Nishimura (Yuki Nishimura) Japan, 4m 56s

    Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2011

    22 Jul 201127 Jul 2011

    RSSF 2011, the annual thrilling and diverse short film programme, includes live action, documentary, fiction, animation and music promos, a showcase for new filmmaking talent and professionals alike.

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  • Phase IV, Saul Bass, 1974

    1970s SciFi: The Architecture of Nature

    21 Oct 201127 Oct 2011

    Watch the ground breaking 70s scifi film Silent Running in fully restored high definition alongside the rarely screened Andromeda Strain and Phase IV.

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  • London Korean Film Festival

    London Korean Film Festival 2011

    4 Nov 201110 Nov 2011

    The sixth London Korean Film Festival at the ICA brings the latest and greatest Korean films to London audiences.

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  • Zipangu Fest 2011

    18 Nov 201124 Nov 2011

    The premiere festival devoted to cutting edge Japanese cinema.

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  • Intercourse


    26 Nov 201117 Dec 2011

    This extraordinary day-long event encompasses a selection of unusual and unique opportunities throughout the ICA. From dining with leading British art figures including Tracey Emin, to enjoying our special live edition events – no one part of the day will be the same.

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