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  • Still: Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzztival

    3 Feb 200718 Feb 2007

    A massive fortnight of non-stop cops and hardcore action to celebrate the release of Edgar Wright's new film Hot Fuzz.

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  • Fantasy Lives

    5 Mar 200730 Mar 2007

    From sex on the high street to anti-paedophile hysteria, a short series of talks examining the boundary between sex and perversion.

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  • Birds Eye View 2007

    Birds Eye View Film Festival

    9 Mar 200714 Mar 2007

    Six days of inspiration and celebration, showcasing the best women filmmakers from around the world.

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  • Tongues on Fire

    17 Mar 200719 Mar 2007

    Tongues on Fire showcases the short listed entries for its short-film and music video competition.

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  • Sunshine Sci-Fi

    1 Apr 20077 Apr 2007

    To celebrate the release of Danny Boyle's Sunshine, we present some dark and disturbing precedents.

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  • Behold a Dream: 20 Years of Production I.G

    4 Aug 200715 Aug 2007

    A short season of Manga magic, to mark the opening of the new Ghost in the Shell film and two decades of its production company.

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  • Black Filmmakers Magazine Monthly Film Club

    11 Sep 20076 Dec 2009

    The bfm film club promotes the awareness of Black world cinema through monthly screenings and discussions at the ICA

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  • Still: Sweden Heaven and Hell

    Swedish Erotica

    4 Oct 20077 Oct 2007

    Reinforcing with vigour and verve those Swedish stereotypes of skinny dipping and saucy sex ed with a season of Scandy nakedness with a generous splatter of sadism.

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  • Still: Made in Hong Kong

    Made in Hong Kong: Films from a New Decade

    12 Oct 200716 Oct 2007

    Ten years after Hong Kong was transferred to China, we look back at a decade of brilliant new film-making, with animation, action, music and romance.

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  • CinematICA logo


    9 Nov 20072 Jan 2009

    A fundraising initiative to raise at least £300,000 to refurbish our cinemas and pay for a continuing dynamic film programme.

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