ICA Staff

You can get in touch with the ICA via our Contact Page.

  • Directors

    Stefan Kalmár

    Deputy Director
    Katharine Stout

    Head of Directors' Office
    Gillian Da Costa

    Executive Assistant to the Directors
    Amy Warner

  • Curatorial

    Chief Curator
    Richard Birkett

    Associate Curator Talks and Events
    Rosalie Doubal

    Associate Curator – Education Programme
    Carey Robinson

    Associate Curator – Education Partnerships
    Astrid Korporaal

    Curator Artists’ Film and Moving Image
    Steven Cairns

    Artist Moving Image Network Assistant
    Kadeem Oak

    Moving Image Project Coordinator
    Tom Wightman

    Tour Manager, Random Acts Programme
    Corinne Orton

    Cinema & Film Programme Manager
    Nico Marzano

    Cinema Programme Coordinator
    Aga Baranowska

  • Development

    Development Manager
    Estelle Marois

  • Communications

    Head of Communications
    Daryoush Haj-Najafi

    Head of Design
    Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey

    Web Manager
    Nick Santos-Pedro

    Communications Assistant
    Ellen O'Donoghue Oddy

  • Finance

    Finance Manager
    Mai Pham

    Ledger Officer
    Ian Bunney

  • Sales

    Head of Commercial 
    Matt Bowman

    Events Manager
    Emilia Bromiley

    Events Coordinator
    Kate May

    Events Coordinator
    Lea Tiernan

    Assistant Sales Manager (Book Shop)
    Abi Bryant

    Assistant Sales Manager (Membership)
    Kanerva Lehtonen

    Assistant Sales Manager (Box Office)
    Dionne Edwards

    Assistant Sales Manager (Artists' Editions - Temporary)
    Charlotte Barnard

    Sales Advisors
    Harman Bains
    Meg Beaumont
    Corinne Calder
    Michael Crowe
    Brett Darling
    Marina Elderton
    Daniel Honan
    Nahoko Kudo
    Anya Mustoo
    Ash Reid
    Harry Stayt
    Peter Willis

    Sales Supervisor
    Michael Crowe

  • Operations

    Head of Operations
    Tom Campbell

    Duty Managers
    Melanie Coles
    Nick Copcutt
    Jamie Hadley
    Anna Hughes
    Scott Ramsay Kyle
    Maciej Stelmach

    Operations and Technical Assistant
    Charlotte Budd

  • Technical

    Head of Technical
    Zeyad Dajani

    Senior Projectionist
    David Powell

    Marc Brown
    Roger Holland

    Senior Technician
    Eliza Moore